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We Messed Up

For years we have been busy chasing technology with the intention of not only improving our way of life, but making us better human beings as well and for a while it would appear as though we we on track, but not anymore.


The technology that was developed with the intention of making things better has now created a living hell for most persons on planet Earth.

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Key points
Consider the following:

  1. Technology has changed the face of crime to a large extent. Gone are the days of daring daylight bank robberies, the internet and it's Internet banking facilities allows for at home, late night robberies.
  2. The availibility and affordability of portable personal gadget have severely crippled the social development of most of our young people. Boy no longer meets girl in the park, girl now meet boy in online chatroom. What next? They have binary babies. LOL!

I must hasten to admit that the availability of these gadgets have also helped to deter thieves and criminals with the picture and video capability they now provide us with, but come on - there are just too many persons walking around in their own worlds completely oblivious to the reality of real life! [See What I Mean]

  1. True, a tool is as good or as bad as the workman in whose hand it finds itself but come one, can we really say that the amount of sexually explicit and immoral things found on the Internet have not contributed to the seeming decay of the moral and etical fibers of our society?

It doesn't matter how simple the error in typing in a web address is, it seems to always take you to a pornography site. I won't be surpirsed if you found yourself on one because you had mis-typed wikieducator before getting to this document.