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Souvenir Shop Owner

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Think about your own retail - sales experiences. Try to come up with three examples of front-line-to-the-public tourism sales situations. (An example has been provided for you).


You visit a local souvenir shop at the resort where you are staying. The sales person shows you various goods and you find a vase you are interested in purchasing. Its price is higher than you expected to pay. You are unsure of the procedures/customs for purchasing at the resort.

The sales person greets you and asks you if they can be of assistance. She asks if you are interested in purchasing the vase, if so are you aware of the procedure expected for this to happen. She then goes onto explain that bartering is not accepted in the resort retail outlets, however a discount may be negotiated. A 10% discount is offered. Which you accept and you purchase the items.

Other examples may be with a travel agent, hotel front office, tour operator.

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