Community service learning Project Proposal and Summary

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Complete the general information and Proposal section for review and approval prior to beginning your Community Service Learning project work.

  • Organization - name, address, contact information, web site, email, phone
  • Volunteer coordinator / supervisor - name, title, email, phone
  • Brief outline of the organization

Project proposal

Brief outline describing your service to the organization and how it relates to the course topics

  • What service will you be providing?
  • Is training or preparation necessary / available?

Student's responsibilities

  • Select community organization
  • Complete all required hours - 12 hours
  • Maintain a timesheet
  • Take notes
  • Discuss placement matters with the instructor if necessary

Project summary

To be complete and submitted at the end of the project.

  • What specific work did you do?
  • Were there deliverables?

Provide the following information

  • work done - describe work assigned, any training provided, your
  • contribution to the organization
  • hours - estimate ok, though if you have exact information, that would be great
  • written reflection of learning experience that relates to course topics - new to you, new to the organization

From individual student experiences, we want to gather suggestions for volunteers, and suggestions for organizations and communities served.

  • What should an other volunteer know that would help them?
  • How can the community / organization use students working on community service learning projects more effectively?

Project summary and service learning analysis

All project options...

Once you have performed your community service learning project work, summarize the project and answer the project analysis questions to address community needs and service learning connections with the course.

As this is a new program, we are looking for suggestions that can be used to streamline the process to accommodate many more students participating in Community Service Learning Projects.

  • organization - name, web site, street address, phone
  • type of organization, funding - non-profit, government, church
  • volunteer coordinator / supervisor - name, phone, email
  • training, preparation provided by the organization
  • list of service learning activities - your responsibilities, dates, number of hours including time for training and preparation
  • service learning connection to course topics - how does this apply to the course
  • benefit of service learning to organization
  • organization feedback - Has the volunteer supervisor reviewed this overview? Did she/he have suggestions for you or other students participating in community service learning projects?

Let me know if you have any questions about these requirements.