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WikiEducator projects

WikiEducator provides a host of services to users and members. Join WikiEducator and help educators and students all over the world promote teaching and learning.

  • Create an account and add a profile - include a note that you are a DeAnza CIS2 student
  • Work through the Learn4Content tutorial - so you can add and edit information
  • select one of the following projects and make a contribution. There are coordinators and other user who are "watching" these pages, so you may get feedback from them from time to time

Select ONE of the projects and contribute your 12 hours community service learning.

Environmental education

Collaborative projects

  • One of the WikiEducator contributors, Nellie Deutsch, is looking for assistance developing a resource page for Collaborative projects. This is an opportunity to research and report Books, Articles, Videos, Websites, Podcasts that provide information about working collaboratively and demonstrate successful projects
    Contact: Nellie Deutsch


  • WikiEducator has a major challenge regarding proper license attribution of images uploaded on our site --- we need help in identifying and tagging suspect images --- we would need to think about process and support templates to tackle an initiative like this. This may tie up with identifying images which need replacement and or students helping to find appropriate replacements licensed under a free content license.

Tutorial translation