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Key Messages

In general:

  • WikiEducator is very cool, and great to be affiliated with...
  • WikiEducator's vision/mission and philosophical foundation
  • The focus on developing countries in the Commonwealth, especially Africa
    • secondary education - Africa as a priority
    • other education
    • my educational legacy
  • The upcoming Learning4Content workshops for 53 Commonwealth countries (based on FLOSS4EDU workshops and OER Workshop Toolkit) + gender focus
  • The connection to Open Educational Resources which is embraced by the Free Culture Movement
  • The advantages and opportunities inherent in Open Licensing (i.e., CC-BY-SA)
  • A development platform & tool for formal educators & informal educators (i.e., people who have something to teach);
    • an accelerated development platform
    • availability of free and open source software tool, with embedded instructional design prompts - eXe
    • a forum for sharing lesson plans, educational materials and building connections
    • a workspace
    • a place where I can achieve my goals - with support from other individuals, teams, groups, etc.
  • Saves time and money
  • part of the 'social responsibility mix'
  • The Commonwealth connection (and related institutions, including the Commonwealth of Learning)
  • The individuals, groups communities and institutional stakeholders already involved / segments
    • their vision, innovation, pride, passion, commitment
    • pioneering leadership
    • ability to effect change (i.e., make a difference, contribute to...)
    • ally in career development & build my reputation
  • Growth: WikiEd nodes, projects, accomplishments and achievements, countries, user pages, etc.
  • WikiEd is a dynamic, evolving and exciting 'work-in-progress'

Library of Messages

  • Pre- and post-activities around Learning4Content workshops - per country
  • Message to Institutions & Individuals: Give us your unused content / lessons, etc. (i.e., social responsibility messaging)

WikiEducator Purpose (revised)

The WikiEducator is an evolving community intended for the collaborative:

  • planning of education projects linked with the development of free content;
  • development of free content on Wikieducator for e-learning;
  • building cohesive and sustainable communities of support for educators;
  • building of individual, group, community capacity
  • work on building open education resources (OERs) on how to create OERs;
  • networking on funding proposals developed as free content.

There is a distinction between "A community of support" and "Communities of Support". Overall, WikiEducator can be considered a "community of support" - however, over time, as educators develop content, they will develop sub-communities or 'communities-in-communities' where they will benefit from support from each other. Thus, "communities of support" seems more likely, particularly as WikiEducator evolves.

Target Audiences

  • Teacher / Educators
    • Africa
    • Asia
    • South Pacific
    • South America
    • Rest of Commonwealth
  • Opinion leaders - education, culture, arts, etc.
  • News media (within the WikiEd community; education and mainstream)
  • Policy Makers

Thoughts & Musings

  • if we're moving from the Innovator phase to Early Adoption, the the language of our communication has to reflect that...