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Performing on streets...done! Conducting workshops...done! Watched plays...(every week)..done! Discussed them...(every day)..done! Want to perform on stage....every minute!!

Nov 2005, energy levels were mighty high on working towards a performance, a play of sorts. We spent hours in endless meetings discussing possibilities for 'the play'. 'animal farm', 'Haroun and The Sea of Stories', Short Stories from Tinkle or maybe 'Alice in Wonderland' or let us just come up with our own some said. After weeks of discussions and arguements over many concepts and ideas....500 cups of coffee and few book stores later the search finally ended on a peculiar book with a rather strange looking fellow in a red and white stripped hat Dr.Seuss it was! his psychedelic books and vivid imagination where characters from another world actually make sense, for a change. the simple and playful language made it easy to relate to and with sense and sensibility so deep and profound it only got more interesting.

Congratulations! Today is your day You're off to grest places You're off and away!

To be continued...