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Over the course of our work, we have realized that it is almost impossible to avoid discourses about gender, be it media work or be it academic research. More than ever, today, gender work is being increasingly acknowledged as an important and cross cutting area of work. While, we are attempting to attain a theoretical understanding of gender work, in India and outside, we also realize that it is a lifetime of work, and we do not want our current work to get affected. Therefore, we are attempting a parallel process of sorts, where internal discussions take place on how gender studies and work is constructed in the "NGO" context, and how we can effectively add to the debate.

Given below are the three main areas of work which have emerged from the process mentioned above. Some of these are halfway implemented, whereas other areas are still in the idea stage. Users are encouraged to give critique of the OER (Open Educational Resource) listed here. We also recommend that you try and implement some of the material in your context, and give us feedback on the quality and usability of these materials.