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Inherent violence?

Aggression, intimidation- responses adopted by both animals and humans

WOMAN, her BODY and TRANSACTION over the self, earth and man, relationship- violence through culture and civilisation.

Biology- social order, organisation, hierarchy- social organisation- convenience? Indian cultural perspectives? Accuracy- convenience

Concept of power?- patriarchy- humiliation? Woman as medium of…

Class and manifestations of social organisation- partriarchy

Role of women

Male studies, male addressal, male involvement ?

My take

-violence cannot be a smudge event/phenomenon

Categorize it, take steps to handle it

Categorize it based on all the different methodologies

Community study of gender interactions-

“Pure” violence- manipulation, to fill need, escape with culture cloak- unacceptable

Equality? Gender? achievable? does one need to look for equality for/of gender(s)?

"Gender queer" research on individuals- male/female binary- expanding, "going beyond"


Gender work- to go beyond the binary

With the gender differentiated

With the gender questing/learners- sexuality education

Possibilities- work with all possibilities

Work within the framework of morality/cultural norms but push boundaries- without rejecting it

Binaries in this field- exposure- teen pregnancy, basic facts

Sexual practice, sexual experience

Sexual beliefs- sexual depiction

Sexual ideology- linked to other aspects- areas

Sex Education- act, biological gender, organ biology working to produce cellular biology, possibilities of union, biological processes- birth centric

Sexuality education- body, mind, molecular biology acting on, and making malleable cellular biology-

Brainy brain- animalus- cortical- evolutionary structure- amygdala- studies- regions of the brain- a map of sex, food, territory

Social and animal conflict

The dual nature- nature, survival

Co-existence, circle of life?

Greedy gene- propogation- perpetration

Gene as a life of its own- pushing its way forward- sexual, biological urge- slave to your gene

Gene unit- biology

Cortex- thalamus- processing unit- culture, gender ideas, etc

Defense, mating, food- competition- gender- roles- design?????

Factor- competition for mating, food and competition for share- power


Culture, social organisation, I-dent-ity. new force of power

Ideas of self- socialization- cultural socialization (vs instinctive, "biological" socialization)

Optimization- cortical ideas- in conflict with animalus- restraint- results, long term? Planning?

Concepts of purity:

Purity could be associated with hygiene and disease (of all sorts) but soon transformed into some abstract form of inner and bodily, moral purity. – what led to this idea of inner refinement as a concept?

Phases of manhood- conflicts- love and romance- notions of woman- womanhood

Asceticism and practice- success and failure- reasons- notions

Indian references to sexual relating, gender codes: The manu smriti as a document

Manu smriti- concepts of incest- notions of senses- powerful

Manu’s woman- motherhood encompassed, transgressed. Sexuality- passion- tameness- civil code? Refinement?

Seizing place, seizing power- reclaiming space, power. Dynamic negotiations