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Ideas from Today's Conversation

(Comment.gif: The transcript from this conversation between James, Sundar, Caleb, Wayne and Randy is available here in mp3 format.)

  • Skype / phone chat to support Jeffrey Town workshop
  • Post materials - FOSS-CR
  • Video-based screencasts (using Kaltura) to create snapshots of instrument settings
  • Use graphviz extension (see entry on Wikimedia)
  • Have Wayne or someone else speak about wikis (for a program)
  • 30 radio stations from Quebec (James) - clarify
  • Identify pilot projects
    • Citizen Journalism (students)

To Do

  • contact Jennifer Papin Ramcharan, Head Librarian, University of West Indies (St. Augustine Campus) - Wayne
  • find out about graphwiz? extension (mediawiki) so that diagrams can be used / manipulated - Wayne

Lessons Learned

From teleconference between KRUU-FM and Jeffrey Town Community Radio Learning Workshop, July 18, 2008

Meeting Set-up

Establish & Confirm:

  • Meeting objectives
  • Meeting time, duration, and time zones
  • Meeting flow (i.e., who speaks, when and about what)
  • Telephone numbers (landline, cell); Skype, email addresses
  • Dialing procedures (i.e., long distance)
  • Correct spelling and pronunciation of names

Due Diligence - Prep before teleconferences

Give a brief synopsis of the station history / progress

  • Does station have a license?
  • Building?
  • Equipment? Describe...
  • Board of Directors
  • Board of Community Advisors
  • Programming committee
  • Mission statement?
  • Timeline for broadcast launch/going online
  • Agreement on programming flow? (Talk shows here, music programs there, etc.)
  • Archiving / Cataloging information
  • Set up facilities for recording, or transcripts for the teleconference


  • Create a wiki page, and have the names and roles of participants on wiki page - saves time, so people don't have to go 'round and introduce people one at a time

Follow-up, Opportunities

  • Debrief the teleconference
  • Consider having 'sister-station' or twinning relationships
  • Consider exchange programs?
  • Attend / present (even co-present) at regional or national grassroots radio conferences (i.E., annual GRC events in the US, or elsewhere)