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Integrated Functional Education for Pastoral Communities (IFEPAC)


The idea of starting Integrated Functional Educational For Pastoral Communities (IFEPAC)originated from the long experience and interaction of our staff with the nomadic groups in Baringo region in the northern part of Rift Valley in Kenya. With this experience IFEPAC has come to realize that formal education system cannot cater for all the marginalized groups in the area who are also highly scattered and mobile. Alternative approaches are therefore necessary to ensure that majority of this group obtain an education which suits their circumstances. IFEPAC has also been motivated by the increasing role of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) in expanding access to education. Our application for registration as an organisation was considered in early 2007, and IFEPAC was subsequently registered as a national NGO with a mandate to operate in Baringo region, especially East Pokot and Baringo districts.

Beyond Survival: Functional Education for Improved Livelihoods and Health of Women Hawkers in Baringo

This project, established in 2008 with support from the Commonwealth of Learning, reaches out to 45 women hawkers (whose lives are currently threatened by HIV/AID and poverty) with well tailored learning materials and through organized groups and mobile shows. The curriculum has been adopted from the Adult Education Department (Kenya) which contains both entrepreneurship and HIV/AIDS and other sources.

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