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Workshop on Community Learning Programmes


The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) will run a workshop for community radio and health education and development organisations as part of the Asia-Pacific Conference (20-23 February 2010). The workshop is part of the COL's programme to develop community-based open and distance learning (ODL) programming in Asia-Pacific.

Dates: 17-19 February 2009 (tentative)

Location: Bangalore, India

Participants: 16 community radio trainer-facilitators; 4 community health/development specialists

Organising team: COL, AMARC


To introduce and use innovative programme development and content creation approaches in order to support the wider creation of collaborative non-formal learning programmes about healthy communities using community radio and other media and ICTs.


  1. Review relevant approaches to community-based non-formal educational programming and identify success factors
  2. Introduce and use collaborative programme design and participatory content development methods
  3. Develop plans for new community learning programmes in Asia Pacfific to be implemented in the subsequent 18 months


The workshop takes a "let the trainers train themselves" approach; in other words, we will work together to develop ideas, skills and tools that will be used in follow-up.

Participants will work primarily in small groups, clustered on the basis of countries and regions. Working groups will bring together media and community development representatives to collaboratively design sample learning programmes and create sample radio and learning content. In other words, we'll learn the methodologies by using them.

The workshop will use engaging, participatory formats and focus on practical exercises that mirror actual programme development processes.

The main body of the workshop will run over 2.5 days in advance of the AMARC Asia-Pacific Conference, during which there will be a playback-feedback sesssion.


  • Representatives of radio stations, media support centres (e.g. programme coordinators, trainers, etc.) and health and community development organisations that are in a position to facilitate the development of new collaborative community-based learning programmes


Contributing facilitators (prospective)