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Questions to drive the programme development process

  1. What community priority will the programme address
    1. Be specific
    2. Do you need to undertake more study?
  2. Who are your learners?
    1. Profile your ideal listener: Who are they? What are their specific needs?
  3. What are the specific objectives of the programme?
  4. What resource people, organisations and or partners do you need to be involved?
    1. What gaps exist between you and your prospective partners?
  5. How will the programme use face-to-face communication to reinforce the broadcast content? For example
    1. Listener groups that meet in the community
    2. Learner groups that meet at the station
    3. Phone in segments
  6. What can you benchmark your goals?
    1. What do you expect to see? E.g. People take information
    2. What would you like to see? E.g. People take action
    3. What would you love to see? E.g. People complete actions
  7. What are the success factors? For example
    1. Commitment from the radio management to provide the time
    2. Contributions from partners