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Crime and Violence

Violence in schools

Need Learners Objectives Resource Persons
To sensitize and eliminate violence among young people 10 – 16 years (male and female students
  1. Explore implications of crime and violence to the person, to society, to the family
  2. Sensitize your public to negative effects family and society
  3. Highlighting positive alternatives to violence
Parents, PTA, ex-offenders, police, social clubs, businesses, government agencies, Students Expressing Truth (SET), church(where appropriate)


Teaching Effective Parenting

Need Learners Objectives Resource Persons
Developing effective parenting skills Parents (regardless of age)
  1. Improving effective communication between parents and children
  2. Teaching skills for emotional and physical development of children
  3. Share best practices
HFLE educators, social workers, NGOs, teachers, parents, PTA, Parents mentoring parents

Programme Design team

  • Social Workers in Parenting
  • Various Parent Configurations
  • Host - a good communicator able to bridge demographics
  • Producer
  • Production Assistant
  • Trained Counsellor

Ideal Listener

  • Parents - All ages, All Stages

Programme Format

  • Two minute spot - Tips
  • Fifteen minute programme - Combination treatment including interview, vox-pop, narration, music
  • Thirty or sixty minutes depending on format

Blending Radio and Media

  • Outside broadcasts and print media
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters and flyers
  • T-Shirts and buttons with slogans

Success Factors

  • Parents listening to the programme.
  • Parents participating in the programme
  • Parents discussing the programme with family, friends and peers
  • Parents implementing practices highlighted on programme


Farming Livelihoods

Need Learners Objectives Resource Persons
To create more interest in agriculture as a livelihood choice Farmers and general public To promote increased awareness of farming as a viable occupation Farmers, teachers, ministry officers, wholesalers, retailers, agro processors, bankers

Programme Design

Course/ Programme Team

  • Farmers – Developing content
  • Youth Farmers
  • Educators – Developing content, needs assessments
  • Extension officers to develop curriculum for the programme and identify resources needed to develop the programme.
  • Farm owners
  • Versatile host – has knowledge of farming and is in touch with the farming community.

Ideal listener

  • Someone either actively involved in farming or considering farming as livelihood choice.
  • Male and Female
  • 14 and up

Format and Content:

  • Outside Broadcast – Highlight best practices and success stories (field techniques, strategies), Radio field trips (group discussions in the field), Farm Expos.
  • Talkshow, in house round table discussions – Interactive call in programme (using experts in policy, finance etc… )
  • Radio/ Docu-Drama to attack myths and stigma associated with farming (young people)
  • Monthly Farming Bulletins (Farming Calendar, do’s and don’ts etc. . . )

Blending Radio and Media

  • Keep picture journal of programmes – especially field broadcasts
  • Prepare brochures and newsletters to support radio broadcasts

Success Factors

  • More people calling in the programmes
  • More farmers willing to share their practices
  • More support from resource agencies
  • Greater access to information
  • More informed farming community
  • More motivated farmers
  • More young people getting into farming as a viable income option
  • More profitable farmers


Treatment literacy

Need Learners Objectives Resource Persons
Increase treatment literacy (knowledge and understanding) of people living with HIV/AIDS
  1. Increase people's knowledge and understanding of the virus
  2. Provide information about treatment
  3. Sensitize people to issues of stigma and discrimination
People living with HIV/AIDS, their families and communities, the community-at-large HIV+ groups, health agencies

Good practices:

  • AIDS and You, a regular programme airing on Radio Toco
  • Shows from Roots FM?

People and groups to help develop this programme:

  • Linda Hinds, Toco Foundation
  • Loretta Bailey, Roots FM
  • Rosamond Brown, Roots FM
  • Raymond Henderson, Dominica Ministry of Education
  • Royston Emmanuel, Sir Arthur Lewis College, St Lucia
  • Ian Pringle, Commonwealth of Learning