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Blueskin Media is a voluntary, not-for-profit community media organisation based in the w:Blueskin Bay (w:Waitati, w:Warrington) district just north of w:Dunedin.


  • Blueskin News – a monthly A4-sized newsletter printed in black and white, circulation 600 copies
  • Blueskin Bay Visitors' Guide annual map and guide with notes on local history etc. This is offered strictly to visitors who have arrived in our area, we do not use it to promote visits to our district (hospitality versus "marketing" goal)
  • Blueskin Bay Community Directory] because the locals grabbed all the Visitors' Guides! More emphasis on local clubs, community services etc
  • – a local news website hosted on a blogging service


All stories sent to us are immediately shared with all local media, whether community or mega-corporate. We publish all our material in to the public domain (not GDFL or other free licensing) because we want to be exploited by other media, so we don't want any restrictions on shared stories.


  • President: Louise Booth
  • Treasurer/Secretary: Polly Higham
  • Editors: Craig Marshall (production), Peter Dowden (news), Rowan Holt (food).
  • Reporter: Lynnaire Johnston

Contact details

  • email: editors (at) blueskin (dot) co (dot) nz