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It is just a standard HTML IFRAME (nothing WikiEducator specific).

<iframe src ="" width="100%" height="400" frameborder="1">

Your browser does not support iframes.


> I would also further be interested if we can cross-post content between our main drupal site and your wiki. > > We have wiki functionality in our main site here: > > > our blog is actually here: > > > We do have XMLRPC running as well for our blog so that could help with > remote harvesting. Our description file is found here: >

WikiEducator exposes the standard MediaWiki API. So you could script something that wrote to both places. Or something that pulled from one, processed the text, and then pushed to the other.

Considerably easier would be to simply put an RSS feed from your blog into a page on WikiEducator. We have the RSS Extension installed so that you can at least show the titles and descriptions of anything in the blog.

Or if you write your blog posts in OpenOffice, there is a good Sun extension that publishes in MediaWiki format. Maybe you can find something similar that would export the same article in your Drupal format.