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We Need a Volunteer

by --Phil Bartle 07:51, 22 July 2009 (UTC)

Do you want to contribute to international development? Do you want to help in the war against poverty? Do you want to see low income communities become more self reliant? Do you want to assist income generation programmes?

These training documents are being used by hundreds of community workers on five continents. The documents help train field workers to guide poor people to help themselves. Now we are being asked to provide them in variations of languages.

This is an opportunity for language students who need translation projects. It is an opportunity for senior citizens to make a meaningful contribution. It is an opportunity for anyone to add to their personal résumé. Your name will be on every document that you translate.

We also need illustrators. Can you make black and white line drawings like the ones on this site, with a variation in ambience and costumes? If so, you are invited to join our team. See Contributors.

Can you do simple computer tasks, such as turning some of the training documents into Power Point Shows? Making text versions of web pages? We need volunteer computer workers.

We need writers. Do you have some abilities to write in simple language that can be understood by people with, say, middle school education? Can you write simple instructions for working in communities to empower them?

We need coordinators to encourage, guide and keep track of volunteers in the team.

This is a non commercial site. All contributions to the site are free, "pro bono" and voluntary.


Comments from my Wiki Neighbours

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