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Introductory Modules (short handouts)

Intermediate Modules

Further Modules

  • a Mobilization Programme, issues related to the peculiar characteristics of the process;
  • Community Research, social variables of the community, obtaining valuable information to empower a community;
  • Water and the Mobilizer, when the community chooses clean drinking water;
  • Non Material Development when the community chooses advocacy, civil society, social work, female genital mutilation, HIV AIDS;
  • Functional Literacy, learning how to write and read through unorthodox methods; design a functional, practical, useful and relevant programme;
  • Capacity Development, how to strengthen an organization; using the empowerment approach on an NGO, company or agency;
  • Enabling Environment, encouraging communities to be more self reliant; the political and administrative situation affects their empowerment;
  • From Disaster to Development, transforming charity to empowerment how to convert your programme from relief when the disaster ends.

Sociological Modules:

Under Construction

Other Documents