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Thirty Seconds

The Community Empowerment Collective is a not-for-profit association located world wide which works on the Internet to produce, translate, and make available free training material for strengthening communities. Community Empowerment methodology starts with the idea that capacity can not be built (social engineering), but the community can be stimulated to develop itself. The training emphasises “How-to” rather than theory and research about the empowerment methodology. It aims to write at a level of language for middle school leavers, and provides an extensive set of key words to cover the vocabulary they might not yet know.
The web site also provides many practical descriptions of how to do things related to empowerment, ranging from gender balance, income generation, water supply, functional literacy, advocacy, community mobilization, HIV/AIDS mitigation, enabling environment, community based social work, participatory appraisal, through planning, community member skill training, project design, guidelines for training mobilizers, management training, proposals, to monitoring.