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Other Features:
A set of "Key Words" is listed, with notes on each (not dictionary definitions). This is an another alternative source for expanding your understanding of community work.

It is useful to browse through the words, or you can use them to look up jargon that may challenge you elsewhere. As much as possible, where topics overlap or inter-relate, hyper links make it easy for you to jump back and forth between them.

The core topics are each represented by a "Module." A module is a set of related documents for a single topic. One document may be for the trainer, another for the participants . . . (some participants are mobilizer trainees, other participants are community members).

If you are preparing local material in local languages, you may use them in making your own training material. Illustrations are provided, in singles to illustrate particular documents, or in sets or series that each belong to a key topic or process.

The logos and drawings on this this site are of low resolution. Our interest is in fast down loading, especially for those who can not afford expensive (fast) computers, so we sacrificed quality. If you want copies of the "gif" files that are of a higher resolution (thus need more memory), or their "pcx" equivalents, please write to Phil Bartle (address below), and they can be sent as e-mail attachments.

The training documents are written in English. Currently there are volunteers translating documents into French, Portuguese, Spanish, and many other languages.