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Straw dog motion

Wikieducator will enable the embedding of 3rd party media (example) based on the individual content carrying with it explicit statements of being a "free cultural work" (such as a copyright statement of PD, CCBy or CCSA), or on reasonable claim of Fair Use or Dealings.

Wikieducator will then facilitate the copying of that media for purposes of generating a derivative in an open standard format. That facilitation will involve both a process and technical development. Requests and responses for copy rights (in the case of Fair Use/Dealings works) will be logged, and technical work for copying will be through partnerships with other organisations (such as The Internet Archive, Kaltura, and Wikimedia Commons).

The objective being that the process of embedding, negotiating copyrights and making a derivative format copy is seamless and mutually beneficial to other open content projects, and Wikieductor's educational aims.

Paragraph 2 is sufficient if we say NO to "embedded 3rd party links". Empower the users to do this easily as suggested by KT here under "Other questions?" (scroll down to response to Sanjaya).

Discussions and suggestions to refine the draft

Initial thoughts and suggestions from the Chair - Wayne

This is a area where WikiEducators and members of Council can comment and provide advise on the the formulation and iterations of the straw dog proposal before it is tabled. Things to consider:

  • Please review and read all submissions from members of Council when formulating revisions above. Download a print version of the version of the discussions so far. Aim for a consensus position where we do our best to accommodate all views and submissions by Council members.
  • Carefully consider the Background issues, most notably the guidelines which have emerged from discussions with the WikiEducator community on our main list.
  • Think about creative ways (including proposed technical solutions) to address the concerns of members who feel that we should not embed links to third party hosted media.
  • Leigh has made a bold start in formulating a concept motion -- thanks Leigh for getting this started. Given the wide range of inputs, excellent suggestions and diverse opinion on this topic, I would suggest that we consider structuring the motion into two sections. The first part which says that WikiEducator will support embedding of links to 3rd party media -- and the 2nd part which details the conditions under which we support this. So for example, the motion might read: "WikiEducator supports the embedding of links to third party media in accordance with the following guidelines and requirements .....". The second section then lists the guidelines, requirements etc WE require for embedding rich media.
  • With big changes (particularly where we don't have experience of how this will work) -- I do think that its prudent to specify a trial period as well as the conditions for measuring success. I also think that an incremental approach is a good way to proceed. Many small steps eventually add up to BIG change. Here I'm referring specifically to a number of post meeting actions we need to operational in preparation for the future. For example, the suggestions relating to fair usage/dealing (thanks David, Leigh, and Peter.) For example, 1) Work on a draft code of conduct for fair use/dealing in WE 2) Seek legal advise on fair dealing for an international project like WE 3) etc .... Therefore the structure of the motion might look something like this:
  • Main trunk of the motion --- Eg ... "WikiEducator supports the the embedding of links to third party media in accordance with the following guidelines and requirements .....
  • Guidelines and requirements' -- Here we can list all the bullets and requirements specified for third party media. The advantage of doing it this way, is that it will make it easier for future amendments if required. Eg "I move that we amend requirement #3 as follows ....
  • Post meeting actions --- In this way we don't confuse steps /actions with policy guidelines.