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Students can create and transmit a radio transmission in an emergency situation


Use of radios in a tourism emergency situation


Imagine that you are one of two guides travelling in South Westland with 12 overseas visitors. Your trip has been blessed with fabulous weather and a jolly group of participants. Your company has provided you with a vehicle which has been fitted with a radio system so that you can talk to your base at anytime.

You are driving along Highway 6, about 30 kilometres inland from Haast village. You are in the Aspiring National Park, approximately 2 kilometres west of a picnic area you know as Pleasant Flat on the banks of the Haast River.

Your tour has been going very well when you discover a cyclist has been hit by a bus and is lying unconscious on the side of the road. He is part of a bicycling tour group and his guide is nowhere to be found as all the cyclists having been riding at their own pace all day and are expected to arrive at their accommodations at the end of the day. There is one other cyclist from the group with the man attempting to assist, but he is very distraught. The driver of the bus involved has moved his bus off the road to park in a safer spot and is walking back.

You have 2 way radio contact with your base only. You cannot contact DOC or Police with your system. There is no cell phone coverage where you are.

On arrival you realise the situation is dire and time is critical.


Describe the steps you would take once you have stopped your bus in a safe place at the scene.

1. Assess the scene – analyse and summarise what is happening

2. Scene safe - Make sure no one else is at risk and all your guests and others are safe and secure preferably away from the scene.

3. Stabilise the biker as best you can, away from the road, though be careful as we do not know what injuries he has sustained.

4. Notify help - Get on your radio immediately and notify your base that you have come across this incident.

Write using the correct protocol language, the conversation you would have with your base when you are notifying for help.

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