Commonwealth Computer Navigator's Certificate/Milestone qualityAssurance/Technical testing review

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CCNC Review Form: Technical review

(I can't find the technical specifications. Can anyone tell me where they are as this will affect the decisions as to what the techie person checks. I also assume that the use of exe editor will mean that some of these techie specs test are unecessary. There's a lot here that needs updating....).

Module: ___________________________________________

Designer: _________________________________________

Reviewer: _________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________________


Please answer the questions giving feedback where relevant.

1. Is the use of words/icons consistent?

2. Is the use of imagery consistent?

3. Are images relevant to the text and do they enhance meaning?

4. Are ALT tags, long descriptions, width and height attributes provided for each image?

5. Are text equivalents provided for non-text content?

6. Is non-text content provided where appropriate?

7. Are graphics, rich media and other dependable assets, per SCO, stored in logically named folders and transferable across packaging systems? (this may not be necessary dependant on the use of exe editor).

8. Is typography used consistently?

9. Do the headings convey relative textual importance?

10.Are links described consistently?

11. Is the learner able to see which links have been visited?

12. Does the user have access to londesc. for meaningful imagery?

Technical standards

13. Is the download time acceptable?

14. Are css connected and consistent?

15. Is css validated to W3C standards?

16. Do materials print properly e.g. using a print stylesheet?

17. Is the use of headings consistent?

18. Are tables for the purpose of layout avoided? If not describe reasons for use.

19. Are text alternatives provided for Flash movies?

20. Are relative hyperlinks used?

21. Is content available within three clicks?

22. Are metatags required?

23. Are URLS and instructions for downloading software provided?


24. Have the WAI priority A standards been met?