Commonwealth Computer Navigator's Certificate/Milestone qualityAssurance/Information sheet

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Information sheet

(I'll really need feedback on this)

The Commonwealth Computer Navigator's Certificate is aimed at developing freely available courseware.

We have developed several modules in (details here)and are seeking people to user test these.

We are keen to ensure that users can find, use and navigate the information in the modules easily.

You do not need to know abouot computers to test these modules.

The process

The user testing will take about one hour. There will be a small group of user testers (about ......people).

You will work your way through a module while the observer notes your actions. We also ask you to complete a short questionnaire about your responses to the online material.

We will collate this information and use it to inform our developments.

The information you provide will not be used in any other way and your name will not be used on any documentation. You will be asked to complete a consent form.

User testing sessions

The sessions will be on ………………..] at [………….]

Who to contact

Please contact […] if you are able to help.