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Subject Matter Expert Review

Module name: ____________________________________________________________

Reviewer ________________________________________________________________


Please answer these questions giving feedback where relevant.

Learning design

1. Is the module interesting and challenging?

2. Is there a clear and logical organisation and flow to the content?

3. Is the choice of resources and activities appropriate to the content?

Module content

4. Is the level appropriate?

5. Is the module content up-to-date and consistent with current practice and standards?

6. Does the content support the learning outcomes?

7. Is the module techically correct?

8. Are technical explanations clear and unambiguous?

9. Are illustrations current and technically accurate?

10. Are any readings and resources relevant and do they add value?

11. Do you have comments or suggestions?


(I think this is not needed).???

Cultural appropriateness

12. Would learners of any culture feel involved in this module?

13. Do you have any suggestions about content that is inapproriate or inappropriately expressed?


14. Is the style of presentation interesting, welcoming, accessible and consistent?

15. Is there anything that could be distracting or annoying?

16. Is the content easily navigated?