Commonwealth Computer Navigator's Certificate/Milestone qualityAssurance/Accessibility testing review

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CCNC Review Form: Accessibility testing review

(I can't find the accessibility specifications. Can anyone tell me where they are? As for the techie specs I assume that using exe editor may negate the need to use some of these criteria.)

Module: ___________________________________________

Designer: _________________________________________

Reviewer: _________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________________


Please answer the questions giving feedback where relevant.

Learning design

1. Is the module interesting and challenging? Yes/No

2. Is there a clear and logical organisation and flow to the content? Yes/No

3. Is the language inclusive/welcoming/appropriate? Yes/No

4. Is the choice of resources and activities appropriate to the content? Yes/No

5. Are there opportunities to practice the learning? Yes/No

6. Are there opportunities to reflect on and review new learning? Yes/No

7. Are different learning styles catered for? Yes/No

8. Do you have other comments? Yes/No

Cultural appropriateness

9. Would learners of any culture feel included in this module? Yes/No

10. Does the module reflect a multicultural perspective appropriate within the international context? Yes/No

11. Do you have any advice, additions, deletions, amendments or additional reading or resources? Yes/No


12.Is the style of presentation interesting, welcoming, accessible and consistent? Yes/No

13. Is the layout appropriate for the module? Yes/No

14. Is there anything in the presentation that could be distracting or annoying?? Yes/No

15. Is the content easily navigated? Yes/No

16. Is the media accessible and easy to navigate? Yes/No

General accessibility

17. Does a user have full, easy access to information with CSS turned off? Yes/No

18. Do CSS validate and meet the W3C standards? Yes/No

19. Are text/HTML alternatives provided for Flash movies? Yes/No

20. Can a user navigate XHTML/Flash documents using ‘Tab’ efficiently? Yes/No

21. Can a user logically navigate XHTML documents using a screen-reader user agent? Yes/No

22. Where relevant, is there access to a ‘longdesc’ for meaningful imagery? Yes/No

23. Do you have any other comments?