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Module 4 Spreadsheets

Module Overview

Welcome to Module 4 Spreadsheets.

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By the end of this Module you will have mastered the knowledge and skills to be able to develop, format, modify and use a spreadsheet, which can be useful for a variety of contexts, for example calculating or analysing business data or simply managing personal information more efficiently.

In the process of learning how to work with spreadsheets you will be able to generate and apply standard mathematical and logical formulae and create and format graphs/charts.

Study Tips

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Examples include:

  • We recommend you study Modules 1, 2 and 3 before this one, because they provide the essential knowledge for you to work with the spreadsheet functions, including saving files, formatting text and retrieving information from other files

  • We recommend that you spend X amount of time on each chapter
  • It would help you if you have access to some local business data or information you wish to analyse and calculate when attempting the activities in this module.
  • You may find it useful to skim through an entire chapter (or portion of a chapter) first, paying special attention to the headings and introductions then go through a second time for more indepth study and practice
  • We recommend that you do the activities as they appear rather than all at the end. They are essential study materials, so please attempt them.
  • If you have difficulty understanding a section of a chapter, try working at it slowly. If you still do not understand, seek help.

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