Commonwealth Computer Navigator's Certificate/Milestone 4/Module 6 template

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Module 6: OpenOffice Impress

  • Cover page
    • With the title (including version of openOffice in use, Licensing information, authors)
  • Index Page
    • Table of contents, linked (bookmarked) to the particular sections.
  • Glossary of terms and acronyms.
  • Glossary of icons
    • Familiarise the user with the icons that will be used throughout the module.
  • Abstract
    • Reflects on the rationale of the section/subsection.
  • Broad outcomes
    • Reflection on the overall outcomes of the entire section.
  • Specific outcomes
    • Within a section, there are many subsections which should reflect on specific outcomes.
  • Content of Section
    • Order of sections should be logical (e.g Saving should precede closing)
    • Clear step by step instructions.
    • Clear screenshots.
    • The screenshots should not precede the instructions.
    • Always follow the conventional steps as opposed to short cuts.
    • Major sections should be flagged/highlighted appropriately (e.g font size, color).
  • Self training exercises/activities
    • At the end of each section, the user will be able to create their own examples within their environments.
  • Section Summary
    • Highlighting the benefits of the content for the user.
  • Referencing
    • Giving credit to sources at the end of the module.

Module 6: Open Office Impress