Commonwealth Computer Navigator's Certificate/Milestone 4/Course Structure

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Overview of Course Structure

The following are suggested content items at different levels (course/module/sections/sub-sections). Please comment!

Course Level Information:

  • Title Page
  • Introduction to the Certificate (About the CNCC, includes version, licensing and author information)
  • Study support (to include useful information on suggested order and dependencies, etc. for the learners to help them navigate and adopt relevant study approaches)
  • Main Index (Module listing)
  • Glossary (Course level? - but available as a link at module/section/sub-section levels)
  • Using these course resources (tutor/developer guide)

Module level (see also pedagogical design template):

  • Table of Contents (linked index page)
  • Overview (rationale - why study this module)
  • Referencing (credit to sources)
  • About this Module (author / licensing info)

Section level (see also pedagogical design template):

  • What you will learn in this section (broad outcomes for the section)

Sub-section level (see also pedagogical design template):

  • Objectives (specific objectives/purpose)
  • Content/Show me how (step by step instructions/explanations/flash movies)
  • Activity (let me practice section)
  • Self-Assessment (test my knowledge)
  • Peer-Assessment (my peers evaluate my work)
  • Summary (the benefits from this learning)

Note: the above learning guide and activity sections can be repeated/mixed throughout the sub-section.

  • Also to include:
    • Learn more later - an icon/note which indicates an idea is only partially covered now and will be expanded on in a specified area(s).
    • Tutor notes section