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Module 3: mapping

Use the ECDL syllabus V4.0 document for the detailed explanation of the knowledge requirements for each knowledge area listed below. The mapping information below is taken directly from ECDL Syllabus Version 4.0.

Under each syllabus item please list and create links to the materials within the Open ICDL content or indicate if there is a 'gap'.

Module 3 Word Processing requires the candidate to demonstrate the ability to use a word processing application on a computer. The candidate shall be able to accomplish everyday tasks associated with creating, formatting and finishing small sized word processing documents ready for distribution. He or she shall also be able to duplicate and move text within and between documents. The candidate shall demonstrate competence in using some of the features associated with word processing applications such as creating standard tables, using pictures and images within a document, and using mail merge tools.

Module 3 mapping completed with cross reference of ICDL to CCNC with software feature confirmation using OO.o v2.0 Writer -- Peter Rawsthorne 08:16, 20 September 2007 (CEST)

Using the Application

First Steps with Word Processing

  • Open (and close) a word processing application:
    • Notes: For beginners, we need to define or create a brief introduction on what Mandrake 9.2, KDE 3.1 and Red Hat means. Creating glossary or providing brief introduction for these terms would certainly help the students in familiarising them with software. In addition, some minor resizing of the image need to be done so that all the important menus/bars/toolbars can be seen clearly on the screen.
    • Notes: More attention should be given to adding screenshots for things as simple as starting the application, pressing buttons on toolbars and using menus. Learning through pictures (screenshots) can be very helpful.
  • Open one, several documents:
    • Notes: Will probably need to change to "Opening documents". Will also need to put bold words on the terms to remind the user about the different terminology used between file and document based on their respective operating systems.
    • Notes: remove references to Windows OS.
  • Open multiple documents:
    • Notes:
  • Create a new document (based on default, other available template):
    • Notes:The header "based on default, other available template" is not suitable to be put here. Besides, you already have the header "Template" on its own
    • do not create cross links within CCNC this could be problematic later.
  • Save a document to a location on a drive:
    • Notes: Need to probably include menu screen capture on how to save a document.
  • Save a document under another name:
    • Notes: Provide more screen shots with a couple of examples. Reinforce document management approaches.
  • Save a document in another file type such as: text file, Rile Text Format, HTML, template, software specific file extension, version number:
    • Notes: Probably we could add that files/documents could be saved anywhere from desktop to my documents as long as the users remember where the files are stored.
    • Notes: Versions is not suitable to be put in the common file type table as it is not a type of file. Suggest to put it as a note.
    • Notes: provide screen shot of saving as PDF
  • Switch between open documents:
    • Notes:OK
  • Use available Help functions:
    • Notes: Need to rearrange the bullets on how to use bookmarks or rewrite that a brief explanation for that particular section.
  • Close a document:
    • Notes: screen shots of close with dialog of save prompt

Adjust Settings

  • Change between page view modes:
    • Notes: screen shots are important here as they provide a visual que. show the exit full screen button.
    • Notes: show the different methods to exit preview; button and menu.
  • Use magnification/zoom tools:
    • Notes:OK
  • Display, hide built-in toolbars:
    • Notes:show the turning on and off of toolbars with screen shots
  • Display, hide non-printing characters:
    • Notes:OK
  • Modify basic options/preferences in the applications: user name, default directory/folder to open, save documents:
    • Notes: "user name, default directory/folder to open, save documents" is not suitable as a title.
    • Notes: explore more of the options; autorecovery, HTML, mail-merge, web, others TBD.

Main Operations

3.2.1 Insert Data

3.2.2 Select Data

3.2.3 Edit Data

3.2.4 Duplicate, Move, Delete

3.2.5 Search and Replace


Notes: break these sections into multiple pages of learning

Text Formatting

Paragraph Formatting

Document Formatting



Notes: Include screen shots of toolbar buttons where appropriate. Also show table menu...

Pictures Images, charts

Notes: remove references to windows approaches

Mail Merge

Notes: revisting whole mail merge section for correctness. Otherwise good use of graphics and text. Include sub-section on mail merge wizard. 3.5.1 Concept and Practice

Prepare Outputs

3.6.1 Preparation

3.6.2 Printing