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study sheet

Women with Wings

Study Sheet

(Fill in the last names of these important women aviation pioneers.)

1. The narrator of the video who was the 3-time national aerobatic champion - Patty W___________

2. In 1992 became the first African-American woman astronaut to orbit Earth - Mae J___________

3. Was the first woman to be a professional balloonist and in 1816 became the first female to die in an aviation accident when exploding fireworks caused her balloon to fall from the sky - Marie Sophie B_______________

4. In 1928, was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean - Amelia E_______________

5. Set early endurance records and became the first female licensed to fly the US mail - Frances M_______________

6. & 7. Members of the first female team to win the Bendix Transcontinental Speed Race - Louise T_______________ and Blanche N_______________

8. Daredevil who completed the first aircraft-to-aircraft exchange - Margie H____________

9. A German aviatrix who flew a glider over the Alps and went on to become a test pilot for rocket-driven aircraft - Hanna R_______________

10. The first female to be hired as a commercial airline pilot - Helen R_______________

11. Although not a pilot, she ran a large company which developed and produced airplanes - Olive Ann B________________

12. Was the first female pilot to be type rated in a Lear jet and was an important leader in developing flying programs for young people - Louise T_______________

13. Got her private pilot license when she was 17 and went on to be one of the first women to test for the Mercury Astronaut Program - Geraldine C_______________

14. Was the first US woman astronaut - Sally R_______________

15. Was the first US woman to pilot the Space Shuttle - Eileen C_______________