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What exactly is research? Perhaps it could be defined as searching... sort of. Re-search....

Learning... it is the discovery of knowledge perhaps.

Some of this is brain-storming, some of this is interconnected...


What is the purpose of research?

Why research? What purpose does it serve? Research is done in all sorts of fields. New discoveries are made. Humans care about these findings. Some of them care, anyway.

What are the products of research... what are the fruits of research?

Arguably, research improves the quality of life of humans.

How do electronics affect research?

What can be improved in humans' live?

Humans need food, water and shelter. Research can more efficiently produce and deliver food. Research can help humans more efficiently produce and deliver water. Research can more efficiently create and distribute shelter.

Can research help allow humans to be happier?

There are social sciences. These social sciences are meant, partly, to help increase the happiness of humans.

Research and the legal system

Criminal justice is an area of study. Weapons are produced with technology. Police and military personnel carry weapons, quite often. Police exist in society, quite arguably, to enforce the laws and keep order.

Increase speed at which materials and goods cycle through society


Philanthropy, business, and social enterprise


Limits of collaborative research

Collaborative research already takes place. As this writer understands it, thousands of scientists work on the LHC. They are paid to do research.

Problems encountering online learning/research environments