Climate Change

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Report on group activity on climate change:

Members presented different topics such as:

  • Developing a GIS-based soil/climate information system
  • Solid waste management and climate change
  • Creating Climate Change Adaptation using Folk Drama
  • Climate change variability and human resources

After much brain storming, members settled for the topic entitled Improving adaptation strategies of rural communities to climate change in Africa

Problems faced by target communities include

  • increasing poverty
  • food insecurity
  • climate variability and change
  • low income

This study aims to assist rural communities attain sustainable adaptation strategies that are environmental friendly and bring about improved livelihood and food security. Its specific objectives are as follows

  • To assess the level of awareness of the rural communities about climate change
  • To identify indigenous adaptation strategies developed by rural communities in Some African countries against climate change
  • To improve upon and identify ways of making traditional methods of adaptation successful and sustainable
  • To identify suitable methods of disseminating and popularising sustainable adaptation strategies to as many communities as possible

The outcomes of this study are improved Livelihood; identification of suitable adaptation strategies and sustainable management of the environment, and the outputs are workable methods of information dissemination (drama), manual of operational adaptation strategies and more than 50% of the rural community using proposed adaptation strategies

Tasks were allocated to every member of the group based on their area of expertise. The allocation of tasks was as follows;

The layout of the final project proposal should take the form below;