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Instructional design goals/aims

  • identify and write instructional goals guided by ID models, theories and research
  • determine steps to achieve the goals
  • identify contraints within which the instructional design may take place

Needs Analysis

  • Outline learner profile
  • list educational prerequisites
  • describe entry-level knowledge/technology skills
  • describe learner environment
  • identify resources and plan for uses}

Project/Course Development Team

  • form a Course development team
  • set a framework for the team

Goals and objectives

  • State course goals and objectives
  • describe course expectations and navigation

Course specifications

  • identify users of course specifications (eg authors, marketing and finance staff)
  • develop contents for course specifications and indicate quality standards at each phase of course development and production

Course content planning,analysis and development

  • define quality assurance standards for the course
  • select appropriate approaches to content planning
  • determine the course scope in terms of quantity
  • establish a time line for the course development
  • develop checklists for the course development process
  • develop methods of sequencing/organising content within a course
  • develop pacing mechanisms to use(effects and devices).

Instructional Activities

  • set active learning strategies (link to course objectives)
  • develop strategies to promote interaction and communication

learning and Teaching Strategies

  • create instructons to guide students to resources and their use
  • devise strategies to engaged learners in active and meaningful learning
  • ensure that learners have a course outline and other necessary resources
  • choose appropriate and useful technology for learning and content delivery
  • create a teaching structure that benefits learning

Student Evaluation

  • develop a plan for formative evaluation & ongoing feedback.
  • Provide a brief description of the Summative evaluation and ensure linkage to objectives.
  • develop the grading criteria

Course Delivery and support

  • develop strategies for course delivery and support

Course monitoring, evaluation and revision

  • develop course monitoring strategies and tools
  • devise strategies for evaluating the effectiveness of course evaluation
  • create a web board to facilitate evaluaton