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Exercise A: Choose the correct verb in each sentence:

Next year, I (attended, attend, will attend) the Community College. My father (washed, washes, will wash) his car just before it rained this morning. Before TV was invented, many people (listened, listen, will listen) to the radio every night. As part of her job, Zena unlocks the office door, (opened, opens, will open) the mail, and answers the phone. Dwayne knew he was late, so he (hurryed, hurried, hurrys, hurries) over to the station.

Exercise B: Read the short passage below. In what tense does this event take place? Re-write the passage so that all of the verb tenses are consistent.

Many parents worry that their children don't get enough exercise. They know that children need regular physical activity to develop their muscles. Parents tried to encourage their children to get outside more. As a first step, they will turn off the TV set.

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