Classroom Expectations

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Classroom Expectations

Slightly different to rules
Rules are meant to be tested and broken
Expectations are what we expect

Without expectations we are like feathers in the wind

How do we get them

How many we should have

How do we display them

What do we do when people fall below our expectation

Expectation examples

Do my tasks
Have materials
Be where I belong
Control myself
Follow directions
Speak considerately

My Social Expectations

  • I will treat you with respect, so you will know how to treat me
  • Don't purposely cause problems for others
    • If you do cause a problem, I will ask you to help solve it
      • If you can't solve the problem or choose not to I will do something else
        • What I do, will depend on the person and situation
          • If you think something is unfair, quietly let me know and we can discuss it


  • Taking turns to speak
  • Listen to others
  • Talking politely
  • Minding my own business
  • Using my manners


  • Following directions
  • Seeking clarification
  • Complete tasks thoroughly
  • Meet deadlines
  • Being honest
  • Cleaning up after myself


  • Keeping hands, feet and objects to myself
  • Sitting appropriately
  • Enter and exit school quietly
  • Use materials properly


  • Using kind words
  • Being helpful to others
  • Be encouraging
  • Cooperate with others
  • Respect the feelings and thoughts of others
  • Be inclusive of others