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Workshop Title: COL/CTA/RUFORUM Web 2.0 Training for Research Support and Networking

Venue: Ridar Hotel, Mukono
Name: Dr. Z. A. Chiteka
Institution: Africa University
Position: Senior Lecturer Plant Breeding and Genetics
Country: Zimbabwe
Activities that I plan to implement after the training course Within 2 Months After 2 Months As Arises
Prepare a back-to-office report regarding the training course and circulate to all colleagues X
Prepare and make a jont presentation with ICT on the application of Web 2.0 tools in Research and Networking to staff at Africa University X
Complete first draft of the jont proposal on Yams X
Develop Web 2.0 platforms for sharing information and knowledge, project development and handling of different issues affecting the Faculty of Agriculture. X
Assess the knowledge and information sharing and networking needs X
Identify the subject areas that that can be included in the interactive Wiki sessions. X
Share my experiences on using Web 2.0 tools with Open Source Software Fraternity X
Prepare and make a presentation on the application of Web 2.0 tools in Research, Training and Networking at Nkumba University X
Prepare materials for uploading lecture notes for wiki X