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Cheiro Numerology – no numerology at all- a research-based chapter quoted as it is from the book 'Sanaatana Astrology' written by Astrologer Raaghavendra Kashyapa.

People speak very proudly of the human brain how much it has developed in a praiseworthy manner, science has progressed wonderfully, and yet more and more advanced computers, mobiles, and other scientific equipments are being emerged in the world. It’s Okay, but where the human brain goes on the matter of examining Cheiro numerology!

Cheiro numerology is not only non-astrological but unscientific too. For quite a long period of time, so-called numerologists have been cheating and plundering the ignorant and god-fearing people of the world. When the worldwide prevalent Cheiro numerology is worthy of no planetary effects, and even not worthy of any scientific effects too, then what remedies these so-called numerologists suggest to the people! And what benefit people get through these numerologists! Except satisfaction of their own faith, and the pleasure by getting attracted by the impression of the numerologist’s personality and luck, what other benefit people can have through this worthless Cheiro numerology!

7.1 Disproofs against Cheiro numerology –

7.1.1 - There are no acceptable reasons for relating different numbers to different planets in the Cheiro numerology. Astrology is the wonderful heritage of India’s root religion, and Cheiro has declared different planets as lords of different numbers arbitrarily, and without having a knowledgeable touch of our astrology. Not only Uranus and Neptune but several other planets could be existing in the universe which have no effect on the earth and the human life, what ancient Indian sages had perceived with the power of their Tapas. Then was it not fool of Cheiro to make these planets also the lords of different numbers!

7.1.2 – Cheiro numerology is based on the English calendar, the calendar which is structured not accordingly the rules of the astrology but in an arbitrary manner. However, the makers of this calendar had made several corrections to it time to time in order to synchronize it with the seasons every year.

7.1.3 - In the beginning there were only 10 months and 304 days per year in this calendar. There was no account of the remaining 61 days then. Months were ten in number, named- 1. Martius 2. Aprilis 3. Mains 4. Junius 5. Quintilis 6. Sextilis 7. September (Sanskrit- Saptama) 8. October (Sanskrit- Ashtama) 9. November (Sanskrit – Navama) 10. December (Sanskrit – Dashama). After long, two months named January and February were added to this calendar. Now there were 355 days in a calendar year. Again, it is said that some Roman ruler added some other month named Mercedonius to this calendar.

7.1.4 - In 450 B.C. the month of February was shifted between the months of January and March. Now there were consecutive calendar years with different number of total days every year. Sometimes some days were dropped and some days were added to a month or the total length of a year.

7.1.5 - Almost the present structure of the English calendar is said to be formed by Julius Caesar in around 45 B.C. In 44 B.C., to honour Julius Caesar, the name of the month of Quintilis was changed to July. Again in 8 B.C., to honour the king Augustus, the name of the month Sextilis was changed to August. But the egoistic problem remained, as this month had only 30 days. Therefore adding 1 day to August it also was made 31 days long. This 1 day was taken out of the month of February.

7.1.6 - In 1582, consecutive 10 days were removed from this year’s calendar to bring the calendar nearer to the solar length of a year, to synchronize it with the seasons every year. . That year it was the 4th October with its next day the 15th October – just 10 days ahead.

7.1.7 - In 1752, consecutive 11 days were removed from this year’s calendar, resulting in 14th September as the next day of the 2nd September. However, there was no change in the Vaaras or days’ sequence, as 2nd September was Wednesday, and 14th September Thursday.

7.1.8 - Several other corrections or changes had been made to this calendar in its history*. Again, the current solar year (Sampaata to Sampaata) differs by about 11minutes and 14.7 seconds from the currently prevalent 365¼ days a year’s English calendar. This difference accumulates a day’s period in about 128 years. Now again a correction is required to synchronize it with the seasons, and this way it will be required again and again.

All these facts disprove Cheiro’s theory of numerology.

What it means that you say ‘You have your birth on the 2nd day of the month, therefore your number is 2. The persons born on the 2nd day of a month have such qualities, you should do this, and you should do that. In a month these days are lucky for you, and these days are not in favour of you. Now hand me thousands of rupees over to me for all these predictions.’ The man thinks how right things the numerologist has said about him, and hands him the demanded money faithfully. Again the calendar got changed. The man approached the numerologist. The numerologist says, ‘You have your lucky days on these days of a month, and these days are unlucky for you.” To everyone’s surprise, what lucky and unlucky days were told before by the numerologist have now exchanged. If you follow the previous calendar then what was predicted then that goes against the new calendar. In this way several times the calendar got changed, and the numerologists kept predicting good and bad days etc for a person on the basis of the newer calendars. Now again the calendar needs correction because the actual solar year’s length differs by some minutes from the current English calendar year’s length. Then make it clear, accordingly which calendar you are ready to befool the people!

This is a supposition presented in order to show the falsity of the English calendar as an astrological effect - producing calendar. What a matter of ridicule of human mind to support and believe in this world-famous Cheiro numerology! English calendar is made for people’s convenience, and it has no connection with the predictive astrology. It is not so, that whatever calendar you impose on this world, planets will start producing effects on the world in compliance with your declaration. On the contrary, you will have to seek the true knowledge of Astrology, Astronomy, Numerology, Alphabetical astrology etc sciences that how the planets produce effects and what. Knowing the facts you can put the theories forward to intellectual minds. Exactly the latter is done by me in presenting Sanaatana astrology and numerology.

All media should stop presenting Cheiro numerology, and should present Sanaatana numerology instead. This would be the right thing to do, otherwise there are so many lamentable things being played in this Indian atmosphere, how many matters can I lament! The real numerology named 'Sanaatana Numerology' has been discovered by me, Astrologer Raaghavendra Kashyapa, that can be presented before you if you approve of this article that is already copyrighted in my name, and I allow only this website for common study.

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