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Profile of the Chawama Youth Project

{Overview of the programs of Chawama Youth Project} 1.1 NAME OF THE ORGANIZATION; Chawama Youth Project (CYP) operating as Chawama Skills Training Centre (CSTC)

1.2 LEGAL STATUS OF THE ORGANIZATION; Chawama Youth Project is registered in Zambia as a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) by the Registrar of Societies of Zambia with Registration number ORS/102/35/2433.

Chawama Skills Training Centre is registered in Zambia as an authorised training provider by the Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA) with registration number TVA 166.

1.3 IMPLEMENTING ORGANIZATION; Chawama Youth Project is the implementing agency.

1.4 MAIN PURPOSE OF CHAWAMA YOUTH PROJECT; The main purpose of Chawama Youth Project is to empower members and the local community on collective and economic development geared towards poverty reduction in the Urban and Rural Areas.

1.5 FOCUS AREA; Skills Training and Capacity Building 1.6 CATEGORIES;

Resource mobilisation, Capacity Building, Training.

1.7 PHYSICAL ADDRESS; Near Chawama Market opposite NATSAVE Bank adjacent Post office, behind Mukombe Shopping Complex Building along Chifundo road off Kafue road plot 132/400, Chawama compound Lusaka District, Lusaka Province in Zambia.

1.8 NAME, TITLE AND ADDRESS OF CONTACT PERSON; Mr. Justin Somi Executive Director: Chawama Youth Project Mobile number:+260-955-814245 Email:

Mr. Chintu Chisanga Training Coordinator: Chawama Skills Training Centre Mobile number: +260-979-523776 Email:

Mr. Rodgers Mulenga. Secretary General: Chawama Youth Project. Mobile number: +260-955-121087, +260-965-121085, +260-978-077484. E-mail;

1.9 PROPOSED LOCATION OF THE PROJECT; Chawama Community in Lusaka District, Kanakantapa in Chongwe District, both are in Lusaka Province in Zambia.

1.10 ADDRESS OF Chawama Youth Project in Zambia; Chawama Youth Project, P.O. Box 04 Chawama, Lusaka, Zambia E-mail;

2.0 Organisation Details 2.1 Location • Chawama Community at plot 132/400 acts as Headquarters • Whilst kanakantapa acts as a major branch centre; 2.2 Financial Facts • Chawama Youth Project’s major income is from the IICD for the past 6 years the amounts in sponsorship is k690, 000, 000 • Through income generating activities in 6 years the amounts generated are about k360,000,000 • 2.3 Personnel • The organisation have 13 members of staff 2.4 Competitiveness The organisation has been quite competitive in that most of the training centres are some kind been looking up to Chawama Youth Project. As we are the role model in youth work, seeing that we also won a silver award from the commonwealth Youth Programmes. 2.5 Overcoming Obstacles The organisation has challenges in reaching out to as many youths as possible in Zambia; the other issue is that of staff receiving low salaries which in turn leads to high staff turnover. Transport as a means of operations vehicles to enable the organisation conduct its business effectively, accommodation for distant students. Daily schooling is like hindering youths from far off places such as from other provinces that have heard about us and are willing to take up courses. Also a finance to build a new centre that is right in the rural area about 65 kilometers from the capital city (Lusaka).

The organisation is looking for possible partners who would assist in providing for the resources to establish its own centre as the one the centre occupies is for the Lusaka City Council. Other efforts being made are to find financiers who would support the efforts of settling reasonable salaries that will enable to reduce or cut on high staff turnover. To increase income through CYP’s activities we plan to improve on the enrollment levels. While of furniture production we intend to also find proper capital and industrial equipment at least latest to compete on the market. 2.6 Leadership It was during the establishment of the Chawama Youth Project in 2000 that we faced a lot of crises in terms of lack of support from local organisations and it was going to be difficult to establish the organisation had it not been the two main founders Justin Somi and Rodgers Mulenga involvement in fighting against its opposers.

The organisation at that moment was not registered, we met one white man Mr. Mack Commack was working for the Zambia Education Capacity Building (ZECAB) who advised and the organisation was registered in 2001 as Youth NGO. Within the same year we also registered the organisation as a training provider. Financial, material tools and equipment became a challenge. We are proud that at that time we managed to enter into agreement with ZECAB a European Union organisation which winded up later by 2004. A number of machines and materials were procured.

In 2003 we signed an agreement with Lusaka City Council (LCC) through the BP Zambia Ltd who rebuilt the office block, Tailoring Class, Carpentry workshop and added to the structure a showroom. Later in 2006 we entered into agreement with the International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD) on ‘ICT integration MULTIMEDIA & RECORDING (CYPRO)’ and have been working with IICD from that point to date.

Today the institution has acquired 5.3 hectors of land at Kanakantapa from the office of the Vice president through the Ministry of sport, Youth and Child Development. On this land we intend to establish a boarding training centre that will also cutter for all the nation and those that would want to come from other countries.

| Mary Sakala

| Francis Siame

| Rodgers Mulenga