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  • Be able to understand the concepts
  • and be able to explain to others

  1. Give the definition of Open Source Material
  2. Give the definition of Open Source Software
  3. Give Examples of Open Source Software and related material

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  • Opening
  • Add Text
  • Saving
  • Formatting Text
  • Closing




Opening the Application

  1. Move the mouse pointer on the start button
  2. Click on the start button
  3. Move the mouse pointer to programmes
  4. Select Microsoft Word

It will automatically open

Creating Tables

  1. You move pointer to table option on the menu bar
  2. Click on table option
  3. Move the pointer to insert
  4. Click on table option

Dialog box appears

  1. Select number of columns
  2. Click OK button


  1. You move the mouse pointer to the formatting tool bar
  2. Choose font text style
  3. Bold e.t.c.

Font Size

  1. Move the pointer on the Standard tool bar
  2. Choose font size Icon
  3. Select the size you want

Saving the application

  1. On the menu bar select file option
  2. Click on save as
  3. Give it a name
  4. Click on save or OK option


  1. Hold Alt button and press F4 button on a Keyboard


A Computer is made up of different devices. E.g. Hardware and Software

Hardware: these are physical components that you can actually see, and move it with care. While the software is a series of instruction that tell the hardware what to do.