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1 hall of mirrors An old church a mysterious lighthouse A graveyard land of fire a very deep well the haunted house A playground an underground city 2 a deserted beach the lost submarine ocean a rocky underground passage the desert the middle of a maze a bridge over a waterfall the lost island a prison cell 3 where everyone is weightless Tree hut a burning building the house of no escape a secret panel an attic in a big old house a creepy church a tunnel a time warp 4 behind a waterfall a chair lift over a glacier a poisonous river at a cross-roads down a mine ocean inside a pyramid in the middle of nowhere a ruined monastery 5 outer space a damp dungeon the throne room of a great palace plane playground On the beach the cave of a polar bear an underground defence network space 6 moon base optics room of a secret telescope a minefield forest the belly of a whale the Tower of London an old gas works school a rugged mountain pass 7 a medieval castle kindergarten Swimming pool enemy territory Under water deep in the woods cellar a secret garden a space station 8 an Egyptian tomb a wildlife park car in a joke shop a circus a junk yard the second hand shop Birthday party a holiday camp 9 In the garage a snake pit the top of a tall building long stretch of golden sand the biggest school in the world a famous landmark an operating theatre a chapel of rest a gypsy caravan