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Since the sharing of ideas and experiences is such an important part of learning we will pay particular attention to communication and collaboration.

As online learners we will communicate mainly through the discussion forums in the learning management system, public blog posts and blog comments. These are the technologoes where you will share your opinions about what you are reading and insights as to how the theories and frameworks apply to your contexts in education and training. The main exception will be our innovation with a micro Open Online Course (mOOC) course where microblog posts will be added to the communication channels.

Here is what you need to do for a Pass:

  • You need to participate online at least twice a week in the discussion and respond in a timely manner to others' ideas. (If necessary, make arrangements to cover times when you are unable to do this, e.g. by working ahead)
  • You need to share your own experiences and insights.
  • You need to show evidence of interacting with and understanding the content in the course, including citations of relevant sources.
  • Fortnightly personal reflections of your learning journey published on your course blog. You will submit two learning reflections and two E-Activities of your choice for this assignment.
  • You need to post a final summative reflection on your learning in this course and the impact on your practice and/or future practice, around 400 - 500 words. This will be directed by the course facilitator nearer the due date. Learners may choose to incorporate a visual representation of the final summative reflection but this must be accompanied with a succinct verbal summary of the graphical elements.

The A2.1 Participation etc. rubric provides additional information and is recommended as formative self assessment partway through the course. An edited version of the rubric with your summative self assessment should also be submitted in the Learn course A2.1 Assignment tool in the Assessment section by the due date, along with a copy of your summative reflection.