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Your doctor has recommended that you have a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) placed.  A PICC line is a flexible silicone or polyurethane catheter that is ordered when a patient will need IV medications for several days to months.  A PICC line may be used for the administration of blood, electrolytes, IV fluids, chemotherapy, antibiotics, or other intravenous therapies.

There are many types of intravenous catheters.  A specially trained Registered Nurse has examined your veins, and with your doctor determined the type of catheter that needs to be inserted for your needs.

PICC lines come in different sizes and styles.  They can be placed in different veins.  Most often the catheter is placed in your arm above where it bends at the elbow.  PICC lines are threaded throught the vein in your arm up to the large vein in your chest.  This vein is called the Supervior Vena Cava (SVC) and it connects to your heart.  It is important that the catheter tip ends in or near this vein.  That is because this vein is large and can withstand the irritation that many medications may cause.

PICC certified RN's who have successfully completed extensive training will be inserting and maintaining your PICC line.

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