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Once your doctor or nurse has recommended a PICC line catheter for your medications, you will be asked to sign a consent.  This is required because the PICC line is being inserted in to your body, and stays in for the length of treatment.

The nurse will determine the best vein in which to insert the PICC line.  This is done by examining your arms, measuring the distance from the insertion site to the end point, and then determining the number of lumens required for your therapy.

The nurse will use ultrasound equipment to find your vein and other equipment to assist with proper placement.  A local anesthetic, such as lidocaine, is used at the insertion site to make the proceedure more comfortable.

After the PICC line is placed, you will get a chest X-ray, to assure the PICC line is in the correct spot in your body.  Sometimes it is necessary to reposition the PICC line and repeat the chest X-ray to ensure proper placement.

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