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Innovations & Current Challenges in Cyber Security

Much has been said and discussed of late on issues related to security and vulnerability of our cyber sphere. In fact we as netizens and individuals are more affected by any perturbations that happen on the vast sea of internet, than any other ongoing entity. In this era of globalization it is the internet which truly connects us. No longer can one stay aloof, irrespective of his status or as a matter of fact geographical location. It is the cyber world we live in and our lives are affected directly and indirectly whether we anticipate or otherwise. The society at large has grown up in such a manner that even the atheist or also caught in the web. Crime is cyber space is a rampant parasite whose roots are firmly placed on the growing fact that we are heavily dependent on computers in the contemporary scenario. In the age of knowledge management when everything from small gadgets to nuclear plants is being operated through computers, cyber crime has assumed threatening proportions. This paper explores the complex nature, issues, challenges and outlines the possible solutions to a much hyped about entity with a objective approach. The idea is to demystify the complex nature of the subject and commence with a fresh attitude weighing all the pos and the cons at hand.

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