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We ask that you do not take a shower the day of your catheter is inserted.  The following day you may securely wrap the catheter insertion site with plastic wrap.  Using tape, seal the plastic wrap above and below the PICC line so it is water tight.  Alternatively, your nurse may provide you with a special glove or sleeve to protect your PICC line during showers.  Keep the water spray directed away from the catheter arm as much as possible.  After showering, remove the plastic wrap.

If your dressing becomes wet, pat dry with a towel and allow to air dry.  If the tape or dressing has lifted up, try to secure the edges with tape. If the catheter becomes exposed you will need a dressing change.  Call the Outpatient Infusion Center or the Home Health agency following your care, to have your dressign changed.  Germs like moist conditions, so it is important to promptly call and arrange an appointment.

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