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Caribbean Studies Lecture Notes For CAPE Students

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At the end of this lecture students should be able to
  1. Define Migration
    • Early Migratory Movement
    • Where the early people were moving to
    • Why these people were moving
    • How did moving affected the lives of the individuals
  2. Discuss the Impact of Migration on the Caribbean
    • Movement to the Panama Canal
    • Movement to Cuba and The Dominican Republic
    • Movement to the British Virgin Island
    • Movement to The US Virgin Island
    • Examine the Economic, Political and Social Impact of Migration
  3. Discuss the Impact of Migration on individual countries of the Caribbean
    • Assess the contribution of Caribbean Migrants to the economic development of the Metropole
    • Examine the impact of Migration to the Panama Canal on the societies of Trinidad and Barbados
  4. Assess the Impact of Migration on the development of the Panama Canal

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Students would be given two essays, one in class and the other to be done at home
  1. Migration is the perfect domicile to foster crime. Discuss
  2. The only answer to the economic woes of the Caribbean is migration. To what extent is this a correct is the above statement factual.

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  • Migration and Remigration in the 20th Century
  • Red White and Black
  • The Came Before Columbus
  • Caribbean Studies Ready