Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate - Information Technology/Sources of Data

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Primary and Seconday Sources of Information

Primary sources of information allow the learner to access original and unedited information. A primary source requires the learner to interact with the source and extract information. Secondary sources are edited primary sources, second-hand versions. They represent someone else's thinking.

Primary Sources

  1. Person
  2. Interview
  3. E-Mail contact
  4. Event
  5. Discussion
  6. Debate
  7. Community Meeting
  8. Survey
  9. Artifact
  10. Observation of object (animate and inanimate)

Secondary Sources

  1. Reference Material
  2. Book
  3. CD Rom
  4. Encyclopedia
  5. Magazine
  6. Newspaper
  7. Video Tape
  8. Audio Tape
  9. TV

Primary or Secondary

  1. Internet Web Site
  2. Graph, chart, diagram, table


Sources of Information