Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate - Information Technology/Guidelines to School Based Assessment

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The guidelines for conducting the School Based Assessment which consists of a practical project set by the teacher are shown below.

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To provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their problem solving and programming skills as well as their ability to use productivity tools effectively in:
  • entering, manipulating and presenting text data;
  • simulating a worksheet;
  • entering data, performing simple analysis on data and presenting data using a database management tool.

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The School Based Assessment consists of one practical project consisting of four related components, prepred and marked by the teacher in accordance with CXC guidelines.

The components will test Problem Solving and Programming as well as the application of processes involved in the use of Database Management, Spreadsheets and Word Processing. The four components will therefore cover the Specific Objectives in Sections 2,3,6,7 and 8

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The role of the teacher is to:
  • assign the project for the School Based Assessment.
  • provide guidance throughout the life of the projects. The teacher should work with candidates to develop a project management chart with definite time for achieving clearly identified objectives, from project inception to project completion
  • guide candidates through School Based Assessment by helping to clarify the problem or by discussing possible approaches to solving the problem.
  • assess each student's skills in the problem solving and algorithm development using flow charts or pseudocode, coding an algoritm in Pascal and the effective use of productivity tools to perform prescribed activities
  • guide the candidate through the School Based Assessment by helping to clarify the problem or by discussing possible formats.
  • ensure that students are allowed sufficient access to equipment to allow successful completion of their projects.