Canes of Andamans

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Calamus andamanicus Kurz.

Vern. Name: Mota beth
Solitary long large diameter cane. Girth with sheath 8cm and without sheath 4.5cm leaf 4 m long cirrate. Spines bristle like. Knee present. Leaflets 30-50cm with prominent mid vein. Male inflorescence 1.5m long erect. fruit elliptic ovoid@ 1.5cm long scales in 17 vertical rows brown with dark brown border.
Flowering: November – December.
Fruiting: April - May
Distribution: In evergreen forests in Andaman & Nicobar islands.
Utilization: Cane used in furniture industry; leaves as thatch for roofing.

Calamus palustrisGriff.

Vern. Name: Dunda beth
Solitary medium diameter canes. Girth with sheaths 2.5cm, without 1.5cm. leaf 2.5 to3m long cirrate. Leaves with horizontal green markings spiny. Spines broad based deflexed flat. Knee prominent. Leaflets grouped. 30-50cm long inflorescence long flagellate fruit ovoid 1.5cm long scales in 19 vertical rows dirty straw coloured.
Flowering: October – November.
Fruiting: April may
Distribution: In evergreen forests of south and little Andamans.
Utilization: Used in furniture industry, also for making walking sticks, etc

Calamus viminalis Willd.

Vern. Name Jungli beth
Clustering medium diameter canes. Girth with sheath 1.8cm and without 1.3cm; leaves 1m or more long. sparingly armed with spines knee present spines long young sheaths covered with white powder. Leaflets 15-20cm long Inflorescence long drooping fruit globose 0.9cm across grey white scales in 18 rows deeply channeled.
Flowering: November – December
Fruiting: April – May.
Distribution: Andaman islands.
Utilization: Cane for furniture, fruits edible.

Daemonorops kurzianus Becc.

Vern. Name sanka Beth
Large diameter cane. Girth with sheath 5cm and without 4cm in diameter leaf 3m or more long densely spiny. Spine dimorphic, brown Knee prominent Inflorescence erect fruit globose 1.7 to 1.5cm scales in 18 rows orange yellow on ripening border dark brown. Deeply channeled in the middle.
Flowering: November – December
Fruiting: April – June
Distribution: south Andamans
Utilization: Extensively used in furniture industry.

Korthalsia laciniosa(Griff.) Mart.

Vern. Name: Lal Beth
Long medium diameter canes. Girth 2.1cm with sheath and 1.7cm without sheath in diameter. Leaf 1.2m long cirrate. Leaflets cuneate rhomboid irregularly toothed 22x 12cm Inflorescence large flowers in rows fruits depressed ovate 2- 1.5cm. Scales in 13 rows orange red.
Flowering: October – November
Fruiting: April – May.
Distribution: Widely distributed All over Andaman & Nicobar islands.
Utilization: used for furniture.