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Key Messages

Invitation Message for FaceBook Group

Please join us. Youth4Peace is a space for African youth to come together, to share ideas and perspectives about building prosperous lives and communities.

Main Activities

Online dialogue

An online platform will be developed to enable youth discuss three main issues: development challenges of youth; education, empowerment and peace building; conflict prevention and resolution; investment priorities on youth for post conflict reconstruction.

Community dialogues

As part of the initiative, youth organisations will be identified as partners to work with both CYP and COL to organise community dialogues, to discuss the issues raised in the online dialogue, to ensure that their views are effectively integrated and the final recommendations take into account their needs and aspirations.


Two (2) workshops will be held to identify priority themes and concrete action plan, as well as develop relevant learning materials.

Issues to Discuss

  • Peacebuilding education
  • Challenges of youth in post conflict settings
  • the work of young people to address peaceful co-existence and sustainable development
  • employment
  • healthcare (in these communities)


  • When will these discussions take place (dates please)